What kind of compensation do umpires in cricket get? Costs for Umpires in the ICC, IPL, and PSL

Being a cricket umpire is not an easy profession since it requires a lot of travel and there is constant pressure to make the correct choices when you’re out there on the field.

Keeping this in mind, let’s take a look at the compensation that is provided to the officials.

Umpires who work at the highest level of international cricket get salaries that rank among the top ten in the ICC.

Aleem Dar

Aleem Dar is a well-respected official who has already officiated in more than 400 matches throughout the world.

He is known for being one of the most active umpires on the international circuit. The total goes all the way back to the year 2000, which makes this an astonishingly large number.

According to the most recent compilations of statistics, each of the top ten most prominent umpires earns something in the neighbourhood of one hundred thousand United States dollars.

Aleem Dar is now in first place due to the fact that he might potentially compete in additional matches.

The famous Bruce Oxenford

The sum of one hundred thousand dollars is typically considered to be standard for all members of the ICC elite umpire’s panel.

Additionally, there is the opportunity to increase one’s income through private sponsorships and advertising.

Since Bruce Oxenford is currently just competing in the domestic cricket competitions in his home country of Australia, his statistics will begin to decrease.

Even though he is famous for the arm protection he wears during cricket matches to protect himself from being hit in the arm by errant balls, he is a very excellent umpire.

It was Joel Wilson.

Joel Wilson, who hails from Trinidad and Tobago, started his career as an umpire in 2011 and is getting close to reaching the milestone of 200 international matches worked.

He first gained widespread attention during the World Cup in 2015, and just four years later, he was elevated to the top panel.

Chris Gaffaney

Chris Gaffaney, who hails from New Zealand, is one of the more recent additions to the prestigious panel. He established his reputation in domestic cricket and played frequently in the Indian Premier League in 2022.

Marais Erasmus

The no-nonsense umpire Marais Erasmus doesn’t put too much effort into giving signals, so he’s not a distraction.

Even though he is aware that the game isn’t about him, he nevertheless makes it very apparent what decisions he will be making.

On day four of the second test match of the Investec Ashes, which took place at Lord’s Cricket Ground on July 21, 2013, in London, England, Jonathan Trott, Marais Erasmus, and James Anderson were on the field.

Kumar Dharmasena

Kumar Dharmasena had one of the longest playing careers of any of the umpires who had ever been a part of the game.

His career spanned more than two decades. Before moving on to a career in refereeing, he appeared in 172 matches while playing for Sri Lanka at the international level.

It’s possible that this provides him more insight than other people do. Even if DRS has given him some feedback and corrected him on a few occasions, Dharmasena still enjoys the utmost respect of the other players.

A. Gough, Michael

Michael Gough, who represented England, was a young batter with a lot of potential and appeared to have a lengthy international career ahead of him.

At the age of just 24, he called it quits after losing his passion for cricket for unknown reasons.

Gough has developed into one of the most highly regarded umpires in the world as a result of the batting position being taken away from him.

Although he doesn’t rely on the Decision Review System too often, when players do ask for it, Gough’s predictions are almost never off.

Nigel Llong

Nigel Llong had a successful playing career in English domestic cricket for a long time, and since then he has worked as an umpire at the top level.

As of the year 2022, he had served as an official in 224 games played on a global stage.

Since Llong is no longer a member of the ICC elite panel, it is possible that those income levels may decrease.

The author is Richard Illingworth.

Richard Illingworth, a left-arm spinner who played 34 matches for England and is now an umpire for the Indian Premier League, is another official who has worked in the IPL.

Illingworth was a member of the elite panel from the year 2013 to the year 2022, when he participated in his 150th international match.

Paul Reiffel

If he had played in a different age, the guy once known as Pop Gun was an excellent bowler who would have received more opportunities to represent Australia in international competition.

2009 saw Paul Reiffel’s first year working professionally as an umpire, and in 2013 he was promoted to the elite panel of the ICC.

Compensation for Cricket Umpires Around the World

Pay Scale for Cricket Umpires in the UK

The range of possible earnings is far wider in the United Kingdom than it is in the vast majority of other nations.

There is a distinct route to the top, but in order for officials to begin earning money comparable to that of elite panels, they will have to begin by claiming a salary that is far lower.

It has been stated that junior umpires might make as low as £14 an hour at the most fundamental level of the profession. If this is the case, then daily profits for a first-class game may be less than £100.

It’s possible that umpires working at the county level make $1,000 each game, but the real money is made on the ICC Elite Panel, and it’s not impossible for umpires in the UK to work their way up to that level.

How much do umpires get paid for the Indian Premier League Cricket?

The Indian Premier League is the most lucrative domestic cricket league in the world, and umpires receive a good salary for their work there. The most recent compilations of data indicate that the event will pay each official working it a base salary of twelve thousand dollars.

The match costs add to the total, and it is estimated that these fees are somewhere in the neighbourhood of $3,000 each game.

PSL Umpires’ Compensation in 2022

Within the Pakistan Super League, there are two distinct categories of umpires. While others are regarded to be full-time professionals, some are participating in a training programme designed to further their careers.

These pros receive a base payment of $8,500 for the event, plus they are eligible for an additional payout of $1,000 for each match they play in.

The match fee is reduced to $400 for individuals who are working on the development team, whose base income is reduced to $1500.


The compensation data shown here are illuminating, and it is fascinating to see that the members of the elite panel are paid around the same amount of money.

It is very clear that this is the setting in which one should be, and the pressure is increasing to keep up with the standards of performance required to remain on that panel.

As was to be expected, the compensation received by umpires in domestic cricket varies significantly depending on the nation and the tournament in which they are working.

In general, these are amazing statistics, and they are far higher than many of us may have believed they would be.

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