The Cricket Stadiums and Grounds Around the World That Are the Oldest

I’ve seen some of the largest stadiums in the world of cricket, but I’m more interested in the history of the game. As a result, the moment has come to investigate the ancient grounds all over the world.

Which stadium may lay claim to the title of the world’s oldest cricket ground?

The Cricket Green in Mitcham

Although most of the grounds have been improved since the 17th century, cricket has been played in England continuously since that time.

Mitcham Green is said to be the oldest cricket ground that is still in use, despite the fact that it is one of the very few that still remains.

Its history can be traced all the way back to the year 1685, and the Mitcham Cricket Club continues to make great use of it now.

The surface area is, for the most part, the same as it would have been all those years ago, even if a significant portion of the land is obviously brand new and there are structures constructed in a contemporary design all around the perimeter.

The United Kingdom’s Oldest Cricket Grounds

The venue for cricket at Lord’s (1814)

Many people, particularly those who live in England, believe that Lord’s Stadium should be recognised as the “Home of Cricket.” We are aware of the fact that it is the oldest of the stadiums that are utilised for international cricket matches.

The fact that the current ground wasn’t even the original location of Lord’s in the beginning makes that number all the more astonishing. In point of fact, this is the third field to bear the name of the place.

Even though the structure has been altered significantly over the years, it has not lost any of its beauty as a cricket ground.

Every touring side can now anticipate playing at least one match at Lord’s Stadium in the modern era. It can accommodate 31,100 people and Middlesex County Cricket Club uses it for its first class and limited overs matches.

The Bridge at Trent (1841)

The Nottingham neighbourhood of Trent Bridge is considered the heart of the county’s sporting activities. Additionally, it holds the distinction of being the world’s second-oldest international cricket venue.

It is still utilised for test matches and other international games, and it also serves as the location for the finals of the domestic cricket season.

The venue first opened its doors in 1841 and can currently accommodate 17,500 guests. In 1899, England and Australia competed against one another in the first ever test match to be held at this venue.

The Oval, which is a cricket ground (1845)

The Oval has the distinction of being the first venue in England to play host to international cricket matches, despite the fact that it is just the third oldest cricket ground in the UK.

In the year 1880, Australia played as the guest nation in a single test.

The Oval, which first opened its doors in 1845 and is located in south London, The Surrey County Cricket Club calls this venue home, and the venue can now accommodate 27,500 people.

It has a long-standing history of hosting the final test of the English summer and is well-known for the speed and bounce of its wickets.

Old Trafford (1857)

The renowned Old Trafford Stadium in Manchester is where the matches for the Lancashire County Cricket Club are played.

In addition to that, it plays home to many international competitions. Old Trafford was established in 1857 and played home to its first test match in 1884, which was played between England and Australia.

Recent architectural modifications, such as the iconic ‘Point,’ have helped to bring the maximum capacity for international matches up to 26,000.

Even if Old Trafford isn’t necessarily a frequent location on the international circuit, it always manages to generate a fantastic atmosphere whenever England plays host to one of the visiting countries.

Edgbaston Cricket Ground is also known as (1882)

The finals day of England’s Twenty20 Blast tournament is often held in Edgbaston in Birmingham. In addition to that, it continues to serve as a site for international competitions, and both day and night tests have been played there.

The stadium hosted its first test match in the year 1902, and today it can accommodate up to 25,000 spectators.

Oldest Cricket Stadiums in Australia

The Cricket Ground in Sydney (1848)

The Sydney Cricket Ground is the venue that holds the record for being Australia’s oldest cricket ground. It was opened in 1848 and its first test match was played there in 1882 when England was the visiting team. It is fondly referred to as the SCG (Sydney Cricket Ground).

In addition to Australian Rules Football and both types of rugby, the SCG is utilised for these sports. Cricket, however, remains the primary focus, and the grounds often play home to tests as well as other international tournaments.

The Cricket Ground in Melbourne (1853)

The Melbourne Cricket Ground holds the distinction of being the venue for the very first test match that was ever played in the sport of cricket.

When England visited Australia in 1877, the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) played host to the very first game ever played using this format.

After an interval of one hundred years, the “Centenary Test” was finally played between the two nations. The ground was inaugurated for the first time in 1853, and from the beginning of the modern period, the Boxing Day test has been held at the MCG.

At the present day, the Melbourne Cricket Ground is the venue for a number of other cricket competitions, including the Big Bash League’s Melbourne Stars and the Sheffield Shield’s Victorian State side.

With a capacity of little more than 100,000 people, this cricket stadium is the second largest in the globe.

Adelaide Oval (1873)

The Adelaide Oval, which originally opened its gates in 1873, is another another venue that is well-known to spectators of international cricket from all around the world.

Eleven years later, it played host to its first test match, which featured a matchup between Australia and England.

The Adelaide Oval is a multi-purpose venue, meaning that in addition to cricket, Australian rules football and rugby may also be played here.

This is typical of many cricket fields in Australia. Following a series of adjustments, the official capacity is now said to be 55,317.

The Cricket Stadium in India With the Oldest History

Eden Gardens (1864)

Eden Gardens in Kolkata is the location of India’s first and oldest cricket ground.

Fans of cricket from all over the world would have witnessed it being used extensively for test cricket, and the stadium also plays an important role in the Indian Premier League.

It was opened in 1864, but the first test match that Eden Gardens would host would not take place there until 1934.

This was due to the fact that India would not be accepted as a full member nation for quite some time.

In the present day, Eden Gardens in Kolkata is the holder of a number of other records that are particularly noteworthy.

It is the second biggest cricket stadium in India and the third largest in the world, and it can hold a total of 68,000 spectators.

In addition to playing host to the national team, it also serves as the primary venue for the Kolkata Knight Riders during the Indian Premier League.

In addition, playoff games that take place later in the tournament will take place in Eden Gardens, which will serve as a neutral site.

The New Zealand venue with the most cricketing history.

Basin Reserve (Year 1868)

The oldest cricket ground in New Zealand is located in Wellington, and it is called Basin Reserve. It is well-known both for its peculiar placement in the heart of a busy road intersection and for the blustery weather that frequently occurs there.

The Basin Reserve was created in 1868, and in 1930 it played home to the very first test match in the history of the sport, which pitted England against New Zealand.

International touring acts continue to make a point of stopping there whenever they are in this region of the world.

Since the year 1873, this venue has been the home of the domestic cricket team known as the Wellington Firebirds. You are able to continue to see the Firebirds in the Basin Reserve, which now has a capacity of 11,600 people.

Oldest Cricket Ground in Sri Lanka

Galle International Stadium (Year 1876)

The Galle International Stadium is a historically significant location that has breathtaking panoramas.

It was first opened for business in the year 1876, and despite its humble origins, it today boasts a capacity of an amazing 35,000 people.

In the 1980s, Sri Lanka was finally accepted as a full member nation of the ICC, but it wasn’t until 1998 that the country hosted its first one-day international match, which was against India.

Since that time, the Galle International Stadium has frequently played host to visiting teams for test matches, one-day internationals, and Twenty20 internationals.

In 1876, the first tenants in this building were members of the Galle Cricket Club. Even though they are now competing in Sri Lanka’s most important first-class tournament, they continue to make use of the venue.

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