Improve Strength and Power with the 16 Best Cricket Exercises for Batsmen

The contemporary batsman must improve their muscle and power. Timing is still vital, but power striking increases the run rate, therefore here are 12 workouts to improve that skill.

12 Best Batsmen Strength and Power Exercises

1. Squats

This is one of the most frequent exercises and may be utilised in a variety of situations. The squat may also help batters improve strength and power, and while it’s basic, getting it correctly is critical.

This exercise serves to strengthen the core while also enhancing the strength and growth of the lower body muscles.

Begin by standing with your hands clasped out in front of you. You must now bend down, lowering your hips, and then return to a standing posture.

2. Raise your chin

This is a really easy activity in which no one else is required to participate. You will, however, require a bar, so go to the gym or get a purpose-built bar that can be installed beneath a door frame at home.

Place both hands on the bar and raise yourself until your chin meets the bar. Repeat, and this will assist to improve the back and shoulders over time.

3. Wooden Cable Chop

You’ll need to go to the gym for this one since it requires specialised equipment. The cable wood chop makes use of a single cable and the cable rack. The proper technique is drawing the wire over your head and bending forward as though doing a ‘chopping’ action.

Ask the gym teacher for a complete check and demonstration before proceeding, although it is a fairly typical exercise meant to strengthen the core and obliques.

4. push-ups

This is another basic workout that you may practise at home or in the gym. Begin with ordinary push ups by facing the floor horizontally and pushing your body up with your palms.

Many coaches and instructors propose altering the push ups so that you may try them with a single hand or pull your arms in closer to focus on building up your triceps.

5. Barbell Row with Bent Over

This workout, as the name implies, needs you to lift a barbell, so unless you have one at home, you’ll need to go to the gym. If you want, start with just a bar and gradually add weights as your strength increases.

Keep your feet shoulder width apart and close to the bar.

Place your hands just outside of them on the bar.

Bend your knees and deadlift the bar from the ground.

This workout will target the back as well as the shoulders.

6.Throwing Medicine Balls

I’ve already mentioned how medicine ball tosses may benefit bowlers, but they can also help batters improve muscle and power. The rotating throw is the greatest choice for hitters using this approach.

Begin by standing with your back to the wall.

Twist your torso and toss the medicine ball against the wall.

On the rebound, catch it.

The goal of this exercise is to produce force from the ground upward.

7. Nordic Hamstring Stretch

When you bat, your hamstrings are put under a lot of strain, and this workout can help to strengthen them and prevent frequent problems. You’ll need the assistance of a colleague or a buddy here.

Kneel down and maintain your upper body straight, arms folded, and hands over your shoulders.

Allow your colleague to grasp your ankles while you gradually lean forward with your upper body.

You’re going to fall all the way with this workout, so bring a crash pad to cushion the blow.

8.Exercise for the Rotator Cuff

A rotator cuff injury is very painful, but there are exercises that can help you rehabilitate and avoid future issues in this area. The most frequent includes sleeping on your side with one elbow on the floor.

Take a reasonably light dumbbell in your other hand and raise it towards the ceiling.

9. Pull-Ups

The difference between a pull up and a chin up is small, yet both are comparable and aim to develop the same muscles. The only major difference between the pull up and the push up is that the pull up includes pushing the body up from a vertical hanging posture.

This implies your palms are facing away from you rather than towards you as they would if you had your chin up. Both exercises will assist in the development of the back and shoulder muscles.

10. snatches

The snatch is a popular workout that uses a barbell. The goal here is to elevate it to the waist and hold it in a standing position before lifting it again, clean above the head.

This is a difficult workout to learn at first, so experts recommend starting by raising to your waist before moving on to the second section.

11.Exercises for the Core

The term “core exercises” refers to a broad range of activities. They are beneficial to cricketers in many ways and do not require any specialised gym equipment.

One of the nicest and simplest is just leaning down and touching your toes. Alternative core-strengthening workouts include:

  • Crunches in reverse,
  • Crunches for the Abdomen,
  • Extensions of the lower back,
  • Heel Contacts
  • as well as Leg Raises

12.Batting with a Double Bat Shadow

Most cricketers have certainly experimented with shadow batting at some point, but what exactly is the double bat technique? The hitter will physically practise hitting while holding two bats here.

Because there is no ball, it is all about swinging those bats and imagining a ball coming to you.

Because you will only be hitting with one bat, which will be significantly lighter, this can aid to increase strength in the muscles required to power through the stroke.

But it’s also a ‘fake’ method: your brain is fooled into believing you’re still hitting with the same weight, so it fires the corresponding muscles to swing harder.

How Prehabilitation Can Help You Avoid Injuries

Prehab, rather than post-event rehab, is what we want to strive for here. Many workouts might actually protect you from harm on the field.

13.The places where a batsman is most susceptible are

  • Elbows
  • Calves
  • Quadriceps
  • Hamstrings
  • The Nordic exercise mentioned in the previous section is particularly beneficial to the hamstrings.
  • Other workouts that doctors prescribe for injury prevention include:
  • Wooden Cable Chop
  • Snatches
  • Squats
  • Pull-downs of the triceps

I didn’t go through the pull downs above, but they’re simple. You’ll need a cable with a rope wrapped around it. Stand with your arms in front of you, facing the rope, and your elbows tight. Pull the rope down to your waist, then apart.

14.Exercises You Shouldn’t Perform

Some exercises will not help you gain strength and power, and they may even cause damage if you are not already familiar with them.

Upright rows and lateral rises are not suggested in conjunction with any other exercises aimed primarily at improving the shoulders.

While shoulder strength is vital, it is only one component of the puzzle, and these additional workouts will aid in the whole strengthening package required for power batting.

FAQ about Batsmen Exercises

What Factors Influence Hitting Power in Cricket?

All of these workouts will improve your strength in some manner, but the greatest ones for striking power will target your arms and shoulders. Look for chin ups, pull ups, and weightlifting workouts like snatch and barbell rows.

15.How Can I Strengthen My Arms in Cricket?

Again, those arm strengthening exercises will be beneficial. Push ups will also aid because they bear the weight of your body as you go through the procedure.

I would next recommend moving on to the double bat shadow play, which strengthens the arms and tricks the brain into thinking that strength is replicated throughout a match.

16.How Can You Improve Your Bat Speed in Cricket?

Bat speed is frequently mentioned by commentators, and it is a factor that can assist you smash the ball further. To add more speed to the ball, consider starting with a greater backlift and using a backswing.

Move your weight fully towards the ball on the downswing and push through it before ending with a high follow through.

Final Thoughts

Exercises and workouts are crucial, and we’ve seen how they may help you avoid injury while also enhancing your power striking capacity. Of course, you’ll need a great technique as well as the ability to play all of the strokes.

When you combine all of your skills, you will have a higher chance of succeeding as a batsman in a match.

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