How to Get Grass, Mud or Ball Stains Out of Cricket Trousers?

Cricket whites are generally, well, white. However, throughout a course of a cricket game or a practise session, they tend to gather a lot of dirt, grass stains etc and especially for bowlers, who shine their ball on their thighs.

To keep the integrity of your cricket trousers specifically, we have given a few stain removal techniques as they acquire the most filth which is unavoidable if you play cricket often.

Let’s have a brief look at the strategies on taking the stains out of cricket trousers.

How to Get Grass Stains Out of Cricket Trousers?

There are more than one technique to remove grass stains from your cricket trousers. A couple of the cleaning products like Vinegar or Lemon Juice, Methylated Spirits or Alcohol and Laundry Detergent & Water are utilised.

However, we’ll take a trip through cleaning stains with the aid of Vinegar and lemon juice as it is one of the very popular ones.

At first, you have to combine a little white vinegar/lemon juice and water and dab the mixture on the grass stain, being careful to soak it all the way through.

Following that, keep it on for a few minutes for increased efficiency and then wash as you normally would to eliminate the stains and collect your cleaned pair of trousers.

How to Get Mud Out of Cricket Trousers?

An essential aspect that a lot of young cricketers don’t realise is you must not try to remove mud while it’s wet, you merely spread it into the cloth.

You must let it dry first and then carefully brush it away to avoid any injury to the cloth. Then, soak it gently into a water-detergent combination which will then be followed by a machine wash which will offer you tidy and clean pants, ready for your next practise session.

Cricket Ball Stains

Cricket ball stains are frequently developed by bowlers or fielders when they shine the ball fiercely on the thigh region of the pants.

To remove them, use a white soap and massage the soiled areas well but gently so no harm is done to the trousers. Rubbing the soap will make it simpler to take away the deep stains.

Following that, apply Vanish or any colour removers made for laundry like Ariel Stain Remover, Ace bleach, Woolworth or others etc. After having done so, allow it for a thorough overnight soak for the pants to release up all the stains gathered.

Air Dry

After you are done washing the trousers, don’t use a dryer. Line-dry them in the sun as it helps to whiten the cloth and helps to bleach away the stains. Always prefer drying your cricket whites/trousers naturally than using a tumble dryer.

Things to Avoid

One of the primary drawbacks in a pretty effective stain removal technique is a lack of expertise and attention.

Avoid ironing over the stains as it may make it even more difficult to remove them and make your task twice as difficult as it currently is.

The stain removal technique also depends on the sort of stain or fabric and about that, bleach may not be the most efficient chemical to remove stains. So it’s always vital to verify the fabric, followed by checking what sort of stain is present on the trouser.

Cricket Guide

Cricket being a fairly distinctive sport in the globe, it demands specialist gear and accessories of its own. This category is dedicated to the absolute best cricket equipment available on the market.

We will take a look at all the gear you would need for playing cricket with your friends or even in a club, and help you determine which is one is the best for your needs.

Bats, guards and cricket balls are the most basic equipment, but several extras are also practically needed.

In most cases, these gears are personally tried and assessed by our team of committed cricket enthusiasts – if that is not feasible for any reason, we ask for the expert opinion of some of the finest in the cricket business.

Equipment size is something you will want to examine first and foremost. Either whether you are looking for a cricket bat, guards or pads, these accessories are highly personal objects you need to pick with thought and care. We’ll help you make the correct selection.

Rules of Cricket

The Rules of Cricket explains the famously convoluted Laws of Cricket from the most fundamental grasp of how to play cricket in its many versions (Test, ODI, T20 and The Hundred) (Test, ODI, T20 and The Hundred).

There are a different set of regulations for each function, thus we’ll explore the Laws pertaining to the individual roles of batter, bowler, fielder, and wicket keeper separately.

The umpires are there to police these laws of cricket and express their judgements to the scorers and the spectators.


These were a few of the strategies to aid you in your stain removal procedure. We hope this post offered you a sense of the approach and helped you select your convenient option.

Try one of these procedures; you may always consult a professional if not experienced with stain removal.

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