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  • 10 Essential Aspects of Cricket You Need to Have Knowledge Of

    Learning the essential skills necessary to play cricket requires first mastering the fundamentals of the game. Once you have mastered the fundamentals, you can then build on those skills and further enhance those fundamental abilities. 10 Essential Cricket Abilities Needed in the Batting, Bowling, and Fielding Positions 1. Coordination of the Hands and the Eyes […]

  • What is Twenty20 cricket, exactly?

    Since the introduction of Twenty20 cricket, the game has undergone significant changes. The format has also been successful in attracting new spectators to the sport, which motivates us to investigate the phenomena in greater depth. What is Twenty20 cricket, exactly? T20 cricket is the version of the game that is now being played by all […]

  • What exactly is snicko, and how does it function in cricket?

    In today’s game of cricket, the use of new technology plays an essential role, and I’m going to talk about the part that snicko plays in the sport. Where does Snicko come from in Cricket? The term “snickometer,” which is abbreviated as “snicko,” refers to this tool, and its primary function is to assist with […]

  • The Flick Shot in Cricket: How to Play It and When to Play It

    What exactly is a “flick shot,” and how exactly should it be completed, now that it’s become one of the numerous new shots that have been added to the modern game? In the sport of cricket, what is a Flick Shot? Typically, a flick shot is hit to a ball that is straight and full […]