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  • What is the Difference Between Leg Spin and Off Spin in the Game of Cricket Bowling?

    Leg spin and off spin bowling are the two varieties of spin bowling that have traditionally been used, and in this post, I’m going to examine the primary distinctions that exist between the two types. Leg Spin versus Off Spin Bowling The direction in which the delivery is made is what differentiates bowling with leg […]

  • The Bouncer: How to Bowl It in x Easy Steps

    How exactly do you bowl a bouncer? It’s one of the finest weapons in a fast bowler’s arsenal, and it has the ability to get a batsman out of the game or make them uneasy. Is it possible to bowl a Bouncer? To be able to send down a bouncer, you need to have a […]

  • Spin Bowling Styles in Cricket

    I already discussed the two primary types of slow bowling: off spin and leg spin. In this review, we’ll go a bit further and talk about variants as well as specific forms of delivery like the Googly, Flipper, Carrom Ball, and so on. The Different Types of Spin Bowling I’ll start by going through four […]

  • Medium vs.Fast Medium Quick Bowlers

    There are several subcategories that may be used within the fast bowling area, but many people are unaware of what they truly imply. We show you how to play cricket step by step in this category. Each player position and technique is divided into phases to assist you acquire these skills and gain confidence. You’ll […]

  • In cricket, what is an over?

    In modern cricket, an over consists of six genuine deliveries. At the completion of the six-ball series, ‘over’ is called, and a fresh bowler begins a new over from the other end. Illegal deliveries, such as no balls or wides, shall not be counted as one of those six balls. Only after six legal deliveries […]

  • In cricket, familiarise yourself with the knuckleball.

    In cricket, the knuckleball is a delivery that requires a great deal of skill and strategic planning, although it is not impossible to perfect. In the world of cricket, there are a number of bowlers that employ the knuckle ball as an effective tactic. In this article, we are going to investigate how these bowlers […]