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  • What would you consider to be the average weight of a cricket bat?

    There are a few different angles from which we’ve examined cricket bats. We’ve spoken about the regulations that govern minimum and maximum weights and dimensions, but what exactly does it mean for a weight to be considered normal? What would you consider to be the average weight of a cricket bat? There are three distinct […]

  • The Opening Batsman’s Role in Cricket

    Many will argue that they are the team’s most significant batters. Their role is to get the team off to a strong start and lay the groundwork for the rest of the game, but what constitutes a successful opener? What are the Opening Batsmen’s names? The opening batsmen are the players numbered one and two […]

  • The Flick Shot in Cricket: How to Play It and When to Play It

    What exactly is a “flick shot,” and how exactly should it be completed, now that it’s become one of the numerous new shots that have been added to the modern game? In the sport of cricket, what is a Flick Shot? Typically, a flick shot is hit to a ball that is straight and full […]

  • How to Use an Anti-Scuff Sheet on a Cricket Bat

    A batsman’s cricket bat requires special attention. When you buy a new cricket bat, there is a strong possibility it has an anti-scuff sheet on it. Let’s have a look at how to put Anti Scuff sheet on your cricket bat from the ground up. How Many Grips Should I Use on My Cricket Bat? […]

  • How are Cricket Bats Constructed?

    There have been a lot of adjustments made to the rules of cricket ever since it was recognised as a professional sport. The one thing that hasn’t changed throughout the years, though, is the general contour and texture of the bat. There have been alterations made to its size, as well as the manner in […]