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Tamilrockers: Tamilrockers brings you the biggest collection of movies that you can find nowhere else on the internet. Our team brings you your favourite movies by working tirelessly and to further facilitate our users, we bring you these movies to let you take a break from the exhaustive routines of a modern day man.

We have compiled the best collection of movies from all across the major film industries of the world. Whatever your taste buds are, we have all the movies to help you satisfy your taste buds.

Download Bollywood Movies

Being one of the largest film industries of the world, Bollywood generates a large number of movies that are produced by both the major studios as well as independent films from independent creators that are working on a limited number of resources.

As a Bollywood fan, the movies that are produced by Bollywood have seen an exponential growth in the production value. Moreover, Bollywood has a cult like following in the subcontinent because of its generational transcendence.

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We believe in bringing our users their favourite movies by not only bringing them the latest movies hut also bring them their favourite movies in the best quality, to further beautify their viewing experience. Our formats include Full HD, HD as well as smaller resolutions. Furthermore, our movies are converted into universally compatible formats, so that all of users can watch their favourite movies without any compatibility issues.

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We have established a way to help our users to reach to us and we have achieved that by setting up numerous domains. The following domains can be used to get to Tamilrockers

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Why website such as Tamilrockers are considered illegal?

Tamilrockers, brings you all of your favourite movies completely free and because we do not have the rights to distribute these movies, we are considered illegal. Our aim is to help the people by bringing them their favourite movies in hopes of brightening up their day.

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Most of the websites that provide movies or do anything on the internet, require their users to sign up to them, which not only takes up a lot of the users’ time but also puts their private information at risk of being stolen. We understand that our users and their data, are sensitive and to help curb any unfortunate series of events, we do not ask our users to enter their data and sign up to our website, thus not only protecting them but also saving their precious time.


The content that we provide is illegal by all means because as we mentioned earlier, we do not have the proper authorization to be distributing these movies. Moreover, we want our users to not engage in any illegal activity or any other activity which puts their safety and the safety of others at risk.