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Thiruttuvcd: There are around 7 billion people on this planet and the number is rising rapidly, all of these people have a method that they use to relax and take a break from their exhaustive schedules. From person to person, the hobbies vary and among these hobbies is watching movies that we love or maybe the latest movies that we have heard a lot about, from our friends. But the problem is, most of the platforms that provide movies and content, are to be bought the subscriptions of, in order to enjoy our favourite movies.

With thiruttuvcd2020, you can download all of your favourite movies without having to pay a dime. We have a huge collection of movies that we have gone to great lengths to obtain so that we can help our users out by saving them time, which they would have spent looking for these movies. Whether you are a fan of Bollywood, Hollywood or are more into indie films, then we have all the genres of movies to help you take a break and relax.

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If you live in the subcontinent, then you are well aware, if not a fan of the Bollywood film industry. The history of Bollywood goes back to the early 1900s and over time, what once was a small industry has grown into a mammoth film industry, which brings in revenues in billions each year. The fact that Bollywood has become such a giant film industry is partly due to the fact that the region in which it is situated, is densely populated and this has given Bollywood an edge over the other film industries.

Thiruttuvcd2020, brings you all the latest Bollywood movies from your favourite stars. We provide all of these movies without charging anything. Our main focus is to be able to work wholeheartedly to bring satisfaction and a bit of happiness in our audiences’ lives.

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We bring our users their favourite movies in the best quality so that they can enjoy their favourite movies without having to compromise on quality.As we all know, the movies that we want to watch are available to download , but have to be paid for. But with, thiruttuvcd you can download all the latest movies and that too, in the best quality. Moreover, we bring you the movies in a format that is workable with all the devices and by doing so we are able to help our users.

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Over the progression of time, the online laws have gotten progressively stricter and are able to much more actively able to hunt down websites that are engaged in activities that they deem to be illegal. In order to overcome these obstacles, we have set up various domains so that our users can get to our website.

Our website may be blocked by the local cyber crime units or due to some other restrictions and in order to overcome these hurdles, our numerous domains make it easy for our users to get to us.

Why Thiruttuvcd such as ours are illegal?

Websites such as ours are deemed illegal because the content they we bring to our users is illegal. In order to distribute these movies, licenses need to be acquired from the proper owners of the movies so that we are able to overcome the copyright infringements.

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Our users can download all of their favourite movies from our website by not even having to spend a second more than needed. We have ensured that our website does not waste the time of our users by putting them through useless steps in order to let our users download their favourite movies. Many a website, have set up time consuming steps, which wastes the time of the users and not only that but also puts the users and their data at risk of falling into the wrong hands.


The content that we bring to our users is completely illegal because as we mentioned earlier, we do not have the right authorizations from the relevant owners of the movies to distribute these movies. Even more so, we urge our users to abide by the law and not engage in any illegal activity.