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PSL Live Streaming 2020

PSL Live Streaming in Pakistan
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PSL Mobile Streaming
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PSL Live Streaming Overview

PSL Live Streaming: Pakistan Super League has been a favorite among the fans ever since it was introduced back in 2015. It has all the elements that the audiences have been craving for like International stars, music and local talent along with an enchanting experience of having the honor of hosting internationalist superstar players in Pakistan.

Pakistan Super League comprises of six teams:

  1. Lahore Qalandars
  2. Karachi Kings
  3. Quetta Gladiators
  4. Islamabad United
  5. Multan Sultans
  6. Peshawar Zalmi

These teams have given rise to a new wave of cricket lovers which are based on a regional level.

Pakistan Super League Broadcaster

The League is mainly broadcasted on broadcasting networks that have inked a deal with the Pakistan Cricket Board to broadcast the League matches. But sometimes these networks are inaccessible to a number of audiences that could include you as well. So, the question arises ‘What do I do now?’ and the answer to that question is fairly simple – Online Live streaming. There are many websites on the internet who live stream matches of not just the Pakistan Super League but also other sports as well.

One such website is and (for international viewers). You can stream all Cricket matches that you want and if you’re worried about piracy then don’t worry because this website is the official partner of PCB when it comes to lives teaming

Globally, the sports are a highly consumed form of entertainment that has a huge number of viewership across broadcasts, live streams as well as in-ground attendance.

The Streaming-Culture

Ever since, the internet has exploded, it has given rise to a whole new wave of mediums for content consumption such as paid streaming services and moreover the people have started broadcasting their own content without the involvement of large corporate media houses.


The popularity of the streaming platform has grown exponentially especially in the last couple of years. Twitch has become a favorite go-to platform for streamers to live stream their content to cater to their audiences. Moreover, the site has in-built tools that support creators by providing them with facilities such as a safe payment method, so that their audiences can help support their favorite creators.


The site has been the most popular platform to watch videos online for the last decade or so. With its advertiser friendly approach, a lot of the creators have been able to partner up with brands that have supported the content of the you-tubers.

YouTube has an in-built feature that detects whether the video is advertiser friendly and then allows the creator to monetize its videos by placing ads on it.


Netflix has become a household name in today’s day and age, with its large library of movies and tv shows, it has become one of the most popular forms of entertainment consumption. Netflix has been around for a long time now, but it was the sudden boom in the digital world that enabled the platform to become a profitable business for its owners and a favorable form of media consumption.

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