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PSL Tickets 2020 Online

PSL Tickets: Tickets for the Matches that will be in held in Pakistan are available through online purchasing on and they can also be bought from TCS offices nation-wide. Matches of the league that are to be held in Pakistan have a high ground attendance of fans and the tickets often sell out very quickly.

Majority of the matches will be held in United Arab Emirates and tickets for matches in UAE can be bought through Q-tickets. These tickets are slower selling as compared to the tickets in Pakistan.

The Prices

The prices for PSL Tickets for matches in UAE vary from 20 AED to 150 AED.  There are various ways to buy tickets of these games that are to be held in UAE and they are:

  1. Online purchasing: Tickets can be bought online as is the norm across the world when it comes to buying tickets. Tickets can bought through Q-tickets
  2. Physically purchasing: Another way is to buy these tickets by physically going to the points that have been authorized to sell these PSL Tickets. These authorized points are located all across the country so that the fans can easily access these PSL Tickets without going through too much of a hastle.

Tickets for Matches in Pakistan

  1. Online: Tickets can be bought online for matches in Pakistan. The customers have to present a valid ID card, passport or a driving license to buy tickets in Pakistan. This measure is taken to ensure security and counter the illegal sale of these tickets on the black market. Each Serial No. of the ticket is assigned to an ID card which can easily be tracked in case of any illegal sale of the tickets.
  2. TCS: The courier service has a wide spread network of offices all across the country which makes it easier for the fans all across the country to buy these tickets without having to travel to the venue of the match

The PSL Tickets have been made easier to buy by the PCB which in turn has led to a full-house attendance of spectators in the ground. Moreover, the safety measures have been put in place to ensure maximum security of everyone.

Finally, the spectators flock in droves to the venue of the matches to watch their favorite players in action. With the inclusion of international stars such as Darren Sammy, Kevin Pietersen and others, it has been a widely successful league as compared to the competitors. In a short of time, the league has amassed a huge popularity which has led to a surge in ticket sales and merchandise sales worldwide. Pakistan Super League has become a force to be reckoned with in a very short period of time.

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