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PSL 5 Schedule

PSL 5 Schedule: Pakistan Super League has announced its next edition which will be held in United Arab Emirates in February and March 2020.

PSL 5 Schedule is the equivalent of Indian Premier League and has gained a lot of recognition and success in a very short amount of time. It was started in 2015 in a bid to revive cricket in Pakistan and help shed off some of the negativity that was shrouded around Pakistan since the attack on Sri Lankan cricket team.

Boycott of travel to Pakistan by other teams

Ever since, the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in 2009, international sporting events let alone cricket teams have boycotted Pakistan due to security risks that are posed by terrorists and other militant elements that were active in the country at the time. Ever since then the Pakistan government along with private entities have been playing a significant role in attempting to revive Pakistan’s image globally. One of the main consequences of the boycott has been the fact that Pakistani athletes have been alienated and isolated which means that Pakistani athletes do not travel internationally to compete in international events and neither do the foreign athletes travel to Pakistan to compete which has severely disrupted the sporting community of Pakistan and has pushed the community back to the past.

Pakistan Super League

PSL has been one of the most successful events of international caliber and approach mainly due to the fact that across its seasons, international players have joined PSL in various capacities such as players, coaching staff and advisers. PSL has been a huge success with its net worth estimated to be at $300 million.

The league has successfully brought forth local talents such as Babar Azam and Imad Wasim. The exposure that PSL has brought to such local talents has emphasized the fact that Pakistani athletes deserve international recognition and are on par with other nations.

There were five teams initially but the number of teams was increased to six with the addition of Multan Sultans. So far, the most successful team has been Islamabad United with two titles to its name as opposed to Peshawar Zalmi and Quetta Gladiators both with one title to their names each.

Most of the games of the PSL 5 Schedule have been held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates citing security reasons in Pakistan. Over time some of the matches were held in Pakistan but some of the huge names in cricket decided to refrain from travelling to Pakistan mainly due to the fact that Pakistan is still considered by some to be unsafe. Despite such drawbacks PSL has been able to successfully fill the stadiums in Pakistan.

The PSL fever in Pakistan

Historically, Pakistan has been a sport-loving nation with victory of several international sporting events to its name. Jahangir Khan, a Pakistani squash player, still holds the records for most consecutive matches one by any athlete, the youngest player ever to win a squash championship among several other accolades.
Pakistan was a championship winning hockey team in the 70s and 80s but has been on a downward slump since then. Despite several attempts hockey has failed to gain momentum in Pakistan in the recent years.

Now, with the introduction of PSL 5 Schedule, Pakistan has once again showed its talent when it comes to producing world class talent in terms of sports. Pakistanis have time and time again showed their love for cricket, some people have even said that if cricket was a religion than it would be the largest religion in Pakistan right after Islam.
PSL has held only a handful of games in Pakistan but the ones which have been held in Pakistan have been more than successful in terms of generating viewership and ground attendance of fans. The revenue from the PSL 5 Schedule has also been huge.

The Schedule

The matches of Pakistan Super League are held in February through March and the 2020 season which will be the fifth season of the franchise is scheduled to start somewhere from 20th February which will go through and end on 22nd March. PSL 5 Schedule will be broadcaster across the world by the networks which have secured the broadcasting rights of PSL 5 Schedule.

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